Strictly Bibsey Wk 2 ~ Edwina-na-na

The Politicianist (Vincent Simone’s fabulous* word not mine) is out! And so, with Dell’Olio and Du Beke at the bottom of the leader board and Extra-Lessons-Donovan and Rihanoff at the top, it was Curry the Cougar who the viewers sent home with no Vincent for her supper. At least now it will be an end … [Read more…]

Strictly Bibsey Week 1 ~ From the top

Brilly fab! It is that time of the year!  The time of year when Mr B gets neglected and grumpy. The time when I start saying things like brilly fab and shimmying, promenading and contra checking (as if) with my imaginary friend around the house (kitchen mostly) and garden. Yes! It’s time for Strictly Come … [Read more…]