I am a domestic… something-or-other

… I had to stop short of using the word Goddess* there. I may be many things, a divine housekeeper is not one of them. However, today** I did kind of rule in this department and I have two things to report:

My washing is interesting. Really it is.

Firstly, IT CAN BE DONE! By that I mean breakfast made and cleared, two washes up on the line, eggs scrambled for Mr B, baby bottles all good to go, old and new baby clothes sorted and stowed, lunch made and cleared, birthday present for neighbours’ kid wrapped, food for kid’s party cooked, washing-up up-to-date, Bibsey fully fed and napped x 2, Bibsey and Mr B razzled and readied from their siestas (poor poppets) in time for neighbours’ kid’s party.

Yes, it can be done. And it was, just so long as I didn’t stop moving for one single second (well ok I did stop to pour myself a thimble-full of cava once or twice), didn’t wash or expect to look any better than a scarecrow at the party. Bibsey was of course resplendent in new party frock (courtesy of My Aunt Up North). Mr B… well, he was there and dressed too.

Everyone at the party asked "Who made these amazing sausage rolls?"

And secondly, I cooked sausage rolls and they look fantastic. Not so amazing you think? Wrong. Totally amazing. That anything baked managed to sneak out of my kitchen is nothing short of a miracle. Let’s quickly cover the fact that up until moving to Spain I couldn’t cook at all really. I have learned to cook in the last two years and, while the repertoire is rather limited, what I do cook we quite enjoy. However, I suspect that I do not have the greatest reputation in the Valley when it comes to catering. I am the woman who, when asked to bring a side-dish to a paella party, turned up with risotto. A bit like suggesting bread as a sandwich filling really.

Anyway, I am not going to crash on about my culinary shortcomings – self-deprecation not being the order of the day today. But I should admit that my neighbour did bring round the pastry, sausage meat and a rolling pin this morning so that I could produce the sausage rolls. Even with those cards face up on the table, the fact still remains: I made them and they looked and tasted totally Faboo! Here. You must look at photos.

*As if a definition of Domestic Goddess were necessary: Cambridge Dictionary Online: a woman who is very good at cooking and keeping her house clean and organised. Ha! Urban dictionary adds: usually a MILF. Ha ha!

** By today, I of course mean yesterday. This Domestic Wannabe couldn’t quite meet same-day-delivery with this post.