Piss or get off the blog

Sane blogger trying to get out

Since my last rather grumpy post of last week, I have managed a little bit of Meme Whoring* courtesy of Kate Takes 5 and not much else. Not that I haven’t been writing. I just haven’t been publishing. So far in my drafts I have a piece on Bette Davis, something on customer service telephony, a Q&A from Motherventing, a poem about happiness and a story about some very shoddy behaviour (not mine, sadly).

Seriously woman “piss or get off the blog!”.

Problem is that none of them are quite finished. And of course the more you fiddle and tinker and edit and dither, the more you agonise and then the baby is awake and the window of opportunity has been missed.

Oh what couldn’t I achieve if I didn’t worry about doing it perfectly?! Maybe:

  • Speaking Spanish with Spaniards
  • Writing some poetry
  • Dancing – oh I can’t wait for the next season of ‘Strictly’
  • Singing
  • Baking
  • Having people over for dinner

And much more.

Tell me bloggers, do you often hover over the publish button? And what things would you achieve if you didn’t have to worry about doing them perfectly?

*meant in absolutely the nicest possible way. You see? Yet more evidence of the agony of publication and the fear of causing offense.