#oneweek: Spring ~ Nutcases


Bibs jotting down some questions for our next car journey before they slip her mind

I am joining Older Mum in Muddle this week in her quarterly celebration of the season past. This week we are contemplating Spring – what there was of it.

Spring 2013 saw the advent, on Bibsey mountain, of the deep and meaningful conversation. Bibsey and I have our most important chats on the sofa or driving up and down the hill from and to Guardaría. Here are some excerpts:

Bibsey: What’s in your hands mummy?

Me: The steering wheel.

B: No! What’s in your hands?

M: The steering wheel.

Repeat exchange several times.

B: OK, what’s in your legs mummy?

Realisation dawns.

M: Bones. Bones and muscles and quite a lot of other interesting stuff.

B: OK.

Same scene different day.

B: What’s in your tummy mummy? Have you got a baby in there?

M: No, darling. No baby.

B: I wish I had a baby in my tummy.

M: What have you got in your tummy?

B: Food.

Yet another day. Same scene.

B: What have you got in your head mummy

I’m ready for this now.

M: Brains. What have you got in your head Bibs?

B: Nutcases. Mummy?

M: Yes?

B: How do babies get down the stairs?

I just love all this stuff. The ‘whys?’ are coming thick and fast and I am just trying to keep up. As you can imagine the spring days have simply flown by. For more musings on spring click on the badge below. Thanks for visiting.

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