Strictly Bibsey Week 1 ~ From the top

Glitter ball. WANT!

Brilly fab! It is that time of the year!  The time of year when Mr B gets neglected and grumpy. The time when I start saying things like brilly fab and shimmying, promenading and contra checking (as if) with my imaginary friend around the house (kitchen mostly) and garden.

Yes! It’s time for Strictly Come Dancing. And yes, I will be posting about it. That’s right, using my blog for evil. But you must understand that Mr B is an Antifan and while I can of course talk to my Mum about it on Skype, the vastness of cyberspace is calling for me and my uneducated opinions.

This year I am hoping that Bibsey will be joining in with the whole Spectacular! Have I mentioned her amazingly long sway-back legs, incredible turn-out and natural rhythm?

First off: gutted that Winkleman is not doing the weekday shows. Feel like I am the last to know… well that’s what you get for living under a stone in Spain. OK, not under a stone but far, far away from the action and rarely exposed to the Daily Mail etc. I will concede that giving birth to her third child is a good enough excuse. And of course I hope all is going well on the home front – not too much baby spew and certainly not too much sneezing (apparently she is a legendary on-air sneezer) so soon after the birth, we all know what that way lies.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing if Zoe Ball can talk so much rubbish with so many, with such aplomb. No offence Claude.

Right, now I must actually watch it. Always on ‘catch-up’ and always a day late obviously, and mostly when Twinkle Toes (that’s Bibsey) is sleeping and I am cooking. I am mostly looking forward to seeing Dell’Olio and hoping that she falls on her arse. Or face. Not fussed. Sorry Anton.


Oh my god. I just watched her. And she nearly did. Arse and face. BOAGATE. You’d better pull it out of the bag with the salsa next week Nancy, non?

OK so here are just some of the other things that I have been shouting at the screen:

The Tonioli headlights on full beam

Scariest moment from the judges: “you are full of confidence and spunk ” Bruno Tonioli to little Harry Judd (McFly fame). McRabbit-in-the-headlights more like.

Ones to watch: Craig Revel Horwood and James Jordan. A fight surely.

Bremner: You’re brave. Years of taking the piss out of others on TV… but wow, well done I thought.

Curry: NO! “Take Vincent home and cover him with icing” did you say?  NO! WRONG!

Anita: Simply, the sweetest waltz of the night.

Brucie: Please enough with the curry jokes.

What did you think? I would love to know, because Mr B refuses to talk about it.