Strictly Bibsey Wk 7 ~ Back in the saddle

We are back on the Strictly detail at Bibsey Towers

And so, after a week off the Strictly detail I am back. Actually I was taking the week off with Len Goodman. Er, just to be clear:  not actually ‘with’ him.

*muses about week away with Len Goodman… aaand back in the room*

And how was the panel without him? I’d call it ‘Judging Light’ with Jennifer Grey who was pretty free with her scores and set-piece responses. What did you think?

Anything more to say about last week? Oh, yes, poor old Lulu, now let’s move on… and keep it brief? I’ll try.

Jones and Jordan: Oi Jones, point your toes! Lindy hop schmindy hop, this is the jive!

Beau Savage: is happily “swinging both ways” (latin and ballroom) and keeping the ever demonstrative Tonioli in a continual state of heightened enjoyment. We are liking him more and more at Bibsey Towers – and by ‘we’ I of course mean ‘me’.

Audley Schmaudley and his last cha cha chance: ooo I felt a little bit for him on the night as he looked a bit crest-fallen in the face of the judges’ comments. Goodman got it right when he said that it was not his best dance but he danced his best. And it turned out to be his last dance.

Judd the Contender

Judd the contender: His Argentinian tango was HOT! I am with Revel Horwood on this one: filth and I loved it.  Top of the leader board this week.

Back in the zone: Extra-Lessons Donovan regroups after his dodgy rumba last week. But my god is there anything worse that Daly interviewing Donavan? Him earnestly and long-windedly answering her humourless questions for all the world as if she was listening. And her already moving on in her mind to the next mindless line on her card. Ooops! A little harsh peut être? Mais oui!

Ticking all the right boxes:  Little Cheleee and the gorgeous Pasha with her foxtrot… another contender surely. And how thrilled she was with her first TEN!

Dobbo watch: I just love her and Robin. How could she be in the bottom two? Tonioli: “shocked and appalled” as was I… God bless Audley for his show of support for her as they shared the nasty final spot light.

What a pretty Valance: Much credit to her for pulling together her rumba with stand-in Brendan Cole (I bet he is rubbing his hands with glee. Sorry, but I bet he is). Poor Artem, injured and redundant in the wings. What will happen next week I wonder.

The star of the show

His own special creation: I honestly cried a little tear of joy for Russell at the end of his american smooth to I Am What I Am. Not like the tears of laughter after his “astonishing” and “demented” paso of last week. How fabulous were his grande jetés as seen on the Len’s Lens? Yes, I even managed to watch the results show this week.

My new love: Bruno Tonioli… for so so many reasons: his comments, his demonstrations, his little kindnesses… After Russell Grant, he is the star of the season for me.

Who is doing it for you? Who’s bringing you to the edge of tears of joy, laughter, boredom… and who are the contenders?