Absence and all that

Bibsey and Me playing away - lolling on Granny's lawn

So, Lady Bibsey and I are back from our travels – having a lovely time visiting family in the UK – and, clinging on to based on the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder, we return to our mountain and the blog in the hope that we will be welcomed back with open arms despite the fact that we neglected to call or write. Oh, the prodigal cheek of us!

Regarding absence and fond hearts, I will say that the reunion of Bibsey and Mr B was a wonderful thing. She had many new talents to show off: proper walking in shiny new shoes that flash, yes flash, when she walks; new words like bopple and cuggle (here is a girl who knows what she wants – milk and cuddles – and how to get it); and of course the new hair-do. The hair is coming thick and fast and today (oh fab) there are bunches!!!

When you need me, but do not want me, then I will stay. When you want me, but do not need me, then I have to go.

We didn’t return empty handed. In a fit of organisational genius I somehow managed to wangle it that we traveled back with my good friend, and childcare professional to the stars, Nanny McThurerford. Can you imagine the benefits of having such a person traveling with you on a 3 hour Ryanair flight with a toddler? Her outstanding contribution of the day was to help me towards the guilt-free decision to double-drop the Calpol for my teething (no guilt. only justification and vindication honest) toddler. A mad half hour ensued, as Bibsey flirted with and laughed at all the nearby passengers, followed by blessed relief as she slept on my lap for most of the flight giving me and the Supernanny the chance to have a ‘proper catch-up’*.

Sadly, she left yesterday after a lovely visit during which the sun behaved impeccably and we lolled about the house and garden like vegetables sipping cava, munching olives and watching Bibsey showcase her new two-footed prowess.

And so today, Monday, we return to normality: maybe a trip to the Ayuntamiento to sort out my Enpadronamiento; definitely shopping for loo roll and other disposable paper products that are required by the container-load in households ruled by toddlers; and of course knocking lunch-time drinking on the head until the next house guest comes. Roll on the arrival of The Queen of Shod and Mr Ed, due mid September.

So, that’s us. What have you been up to?

*and by catch-up I mean gossiping at the speed of light as if the sands of time were about to run out.