Blog 101

Today’s post from Bibsey Street is brought to you by the category ‘just a quickie’.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome and ¡Bienvenido a Bibsey Towers in 2012! where you will find us pretty much as you left us in 2011. Is it ok to admit that I have literally had to draaaag my carcass to the keyboard and get back in the blogging saddle? Surely I should be rejuvenated after a relaxing Christmas break? How can I not be fired up about writing this Blog Post #101?

I took Bibsey back to England for a very last minute Christmas/New Year visit. During that time I decided, quite rightly, to unglue my face from this screen and devote my attention entirely to food, drink, family and friends. And I do feel so much better for it. I managed to squeeze out a little New Year’s Day post… if you blinked you might have missed it. And even that was a kind of non-post.

Stop! I want to get on

Ever since, I have been putting off the getting back online. It feels like getting back on a merry-go-round – one that never stops turning. There are favourite bloggers to catch-up with, blog hops and showcases to synchronise with and of course there is Twitter to step back on to. Twitter feels like a particular challenge because it really is the online version of the City That Never Sleeps. Attempting to get back into Twitter, after only a couple of weeks away, feels a bit like it used to feel trying to catch a cab during the rush hour in Hong Kong: plenty of taxis with lights on, but none of them stopping for the crazy gweilo until she actually throws herself into the traffic.

This is not a cry for help by the way. I am just pondering the nature of the thing and how it was really quite liberating to put my online life on hold in a way that is impossible with my real life responsibilities. So please do not feel in anyway obliged to chat me up on Twitter or Facebook this afternoon… unless of course you were planning on it in the first place, in which case… the lady of the house is home.

Right, I am going to leave this post hanging right there and publish! Publish the post now. That’s the ticket and then the festive-no-blog-bubble/block will have been breached and I can look forward to a veritable avalanche of inspiration, motivation and creative brilliance, yes?

Did anyone else feel absolutely done in by the end of 2011? Did you emerge on the other side of Christmas and New Year feeling better or worse?

Image credit for HK taxi: Steve Webel