My bleeding blog

My blog feels a bit broken and down on its luck at the moment. Can you tell?

We had to move hosting. We did. And in the process, a process that IS NOT OVER YET PEOPLE, some holes have appeared in my blog. About 3,500 of them. Images. Images that, it is entirely possible, I will have to restore individually. This thought makes me want to grind my teeth to dust.

And my old theme had to go too. Bye bye curly swirly Bibsey blog. Hello clean new theme, but don’t get too comfy, I never said we were exclusive.

Thing is I have other work on my plate at the moment. So my bleeding blog is going to have to wait.

That, or the blog elves are going to have to come in the dead of night and restore my poor beleaguered blog poppet to its former glory, for which I, in the age old tradition of shoe makers and wizards, will reward each of them with a teeny tiny smart new outfit, so that they never have to pimp themselves out again.

Until then I need to get my nose back to the grind stone. Thanks for reading. The new and improved Bibsey will be back soon. xxx