Strictly Bibsey Wk 5 ~ Dell’Olio Embroglio

Fright Night on Strictly

Well, there really is only one thing to say about last weekend’s Halloween night on Strictly: “Ding dong, the witch is, erm, going home!”

Sorry Nancy. But you really had to go. And I was even starting to enjoy all the drama and comedy. When Bruno called you the Zombie of Bond Street “designer gear, desgner gear” I nearly spat my cava out through my nose.

And now I read that Nancy is after an apology from Alicia who said on the night “Your legs are so far apart and that’s not very feminine”. Ouch. I might have had some sympathy were it not for Nancy’s comment later in the week when she was reminded, in a TV interview, that Alicia also called her very sexy: “Well everyone knows that, it’s quite evident.” Ooo Nancy you really do not understand us Brits at all do you?

Now forgive me for being an old spoil sport, but I don’t usually love halloween week… too much messing about and not enough focus on the dance. But this year I didn’t find it too distacting actually and how fab was Revel Horwood flying in on his broomstick. He gave Russell Grant a run for his camp money.

Ok quickly now, because I have to go to the supermarket, here are the rest of my hugely important opinions:

My new love: Bruce Forsythe for being so sweet to Chelsee when her top ‘fell’ down… but did it really? This was hardly a wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson proprotions. Anyway, despite the tears there was no harm done and they got great scores.

Russ and Flav: isn’t she amazing? I could just watch her and watch her and watch her. And he is still having the time of his life. Quite a few mistakes but he was double bouncing in his samba, so who cares?

Jones and Jordan: I am with Len on the charge of too much frock wafting. However, what was not to love about the dracula and the virgin paso theme. And The Horwood found in strangely erotic, which has to be better than the “stiff and sexless” indictment of their rumba of the previous week.

Wild about Harry. Wow for me this was just amazing. It may not have been enough tango for Len, but Harry is so good, non? Alicia gave it a 10. Who’s a lucky girl Miss Vilani?

Bad in a good way: Robbie Savage nearly took craig’s eye out with his Michael Jackson crotch thrusts on the judges desk… it worked. Revel Horwood loved it.

Slightly crazed

Dobbo watch: Well that was a really wicked tango. Dobbo channeling the Devil was actually pretty scary and did remind me just a little of Angie Watts on a roll at the Queen Vic.

Jason is Back: appropriately for Halloween! Dancing a quickstep to Bewitched. I think that I almost forgot that Donovan was a contestant. Highest score of series so far.

And finally

Am I the only one that didn’t like Valance and Chigvintsev murdering Swan Lake? I am not nearly articulate enough to explain why I didn’t like it, but it may have something to do with me only wanting to see ballet dancers dancing to Swan lake. Mum, can you back me up here please?