Bibsey’s 7 Words in 7 Days Challenge

Every ‘To Do’ list I write seems to feature this: “Learn Spanish”* By this I of course mean that I want to improve my Spanish.

Other common items are: get back to work, clean house, do Christmas shopping (this generally appears around October time and is studiously ignored until Amazon tells me “You are running out of time you fecking feckless bint. Start shopping”) and erm, oh yes, update blogroll.

I am a useless follower of the ‘To Do’ list and I should ban it from my life. It has never done anything for me. Nor I for it. However, the fact remains that I do need to “Learn Spanish”* (I think that we all know that I am never going to clean the house, right?) and so I have decided to commit myself to doing a little bit of  “Learning Spanish”* every week, online and in full view of you, Joe Blogs.

Now, here is where the commitment comes in: every week (towards the back-end ‘cos that is how I roll) I am going to post seven words, or phrases (mostly Spanish, for that is the language I am trying to learn) and by the time I have finished with them my hope is that they will be so deeply etched into my memory that they will never elude me when I need them. Even in the throes of childbirth, if I am ever called upon to do that again.

That’s a word for each day of the week, and I think I read somewhere that a list of seven things is the optimum (or was it maximum?) number for memorising. Whatever…

I am also asking you to join me if you like. In whatever language you fancy, especially if it is something exotic like Bogan or Vulcan. The Borg, however, need not apply. I do not want to join the hive mind. Sorry.

HERE’S HOW TO JOIN IN. I hope that you will leave me comments, corrections, additions, suggestions and your own words to add to mine in the comments below. If my 7 words inspire a blog post in you, please feel free to drop a link to your post in the comments here. And a link back to my post would be lovely or you can even grab my badge code below.

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